Version History

Firmware and application improvements, and new user-requested features.

IMPORTANT: Requires TextBlade App release 1.1.1 (108) or later.


  • New infrastructure to support context-aware chords. Faster, fluid traverse of layers.
  • New system-wide commands. Skip complex compound shifts, with easy shortcut keys.
  • MetaKeys - OS-adaptive, consistent commands, while jumping across diverse hosts & apps.
  • Mnemonic T-layout reflected in all Nav layers for simple, familiar visual map. (See library pix).

New App Layer

Navigate all your apps, tabs, windows and desktop with fast, home-row access.

  • App Nav - Task switch back and forth to any active app, right on home row cursor.
  • Tab Nav - Switch back and forth between open tabs on your browser or app.
  • Windows Nav - Glide back and forth between windows on your Win or Mac host.
  • System Nav - Go up or down the hierarchy to the desktop (Exposé) or drill down in app.
  • Find Content - Search your system to find apps, resources, and connected content.
  • Tab New + Close commands for fast management of browser and app panes.
  • New Window command to create a new window in any Win or Mac host app.
  • Quit and terminate any app right from home row.

Fast Access - Hold left home wells + space to access, release to exit. All from home row.

Edit Green Layer

Navigate paragraphs, pages and full document extents with fast, home-row access.

  • Doc Nav - Smart, cross-platform nav to beginning or end, right on home row cursor.
  • Page Nav - Page Up + Page Down right where you want it.
  • Para Nav - Go to Next or Previous paragraph, cross-platform. Super helpful for fast Nav.
  • Find - Search your document or webpage to find text. Next and Previous quick access keys.

Easy access with space-press while in Edit (locked or chorded). Way less acrobatics.

Num Pad Features

  • Standard Edit cursors now dynamically accessible in Num mode via D + F chord.
  • Full access to green layer symbols while in Num mode, whether locked or chorded.
  • Symbols enhanced for spreadsheet work while in Green Num layer.
  • Jumps now immediately accessible while inside Num and Edit lock modes.
  • Flip directly between Num and Edit lock modes without any need to exit first.
  • Fully one-handed operation now fast and easy with cross-mode flip lock chords.


  • Audible triple beeps now signal each type of TextBlade monitor alert.
  • Prevents case where iOS could briefly display 0% battery on wake-up from sleep.
  • Prevents brief flash of LED's at end of jump location display sequence.
  • Consolidates audible signal on start from kinetic wake to single beep.
  • Prevents 100ms latency increase on space press with Hot Corners enabled.
  • Improved layer change handshaking for faster keyboard extension display latency.

Coming Soon

  • Shift key entry concurrent with chords for ballistic strike of special commands.
  • Macro universal storage inside TextBlade internal flash memory.
  • Help content in settings panels discussing new layers and functions.

Firmware and application improvements, and new user-requested features.

IMPORTANT: Requires TextBlade App release 1.1.1 (78) or higher.

Key Maps

  • Expanded Flash memory keymap infrastructure to support remapping more layers.
  • Function Key layers now remappable for user-defined functions.
  • F1-F10 Layer - New active areas support 20 more user-defined shortcuts.
  • F1-F20 Layer - New active areas support mapping 20 more user-defined shortcuts.
  • More expansion coming on next release to exploit zones on other layers.


  • New system-control functions now accessible on map editor ribbon menu.
  • Power Off command to shut down system on demand.
  • Battery command to report current charge level on demand.
  • Screen capture command to copy / paste host screen image. (Win + Mac).
  • Window capture command to copy / paste a section of host screen. (Win + Mac).
  • Media layer now comes pre-mapped with system commands, standard.
  • Refinements on next release to separate media indicator from battery graph.


  • Prevents rare case where TextBlade could be unresponsive after a Jump.
  • Allows key input immediately upon completion of LED Startup sequence.

Other Improvements in Recent Revisions


  • Active monitoring to detect lag from a connection latency change by host.
  • Automated recovery logic to prompt host to restore fast connection latency.
  • Improved BLE startup negotiation sequence to enhance pairing reliability.


  • New charging state machine logic to improve reliability on edge cases.
  • Improved LED animation sequence to clarify low-battery warning display.
  • Added triple-beep audio indication on low-battery warning sequence.
  • Prevents rare case where charge doesn't start on first connection.
  • Prevents rare case where charge could stop at 60%.
  • New filters to suppress transient low-battery indication at startup.
  • Improved reliability and accuracy of power-on battery bar graph report.


  • New flash memory structure stores 6 KeyMaps entirely inside TextBlade hardware.
  • Maps can now be individually specified for each Jump slot.
  • OS of host can now be individually specified for each Jump slot.
  • Native KeyMaps in host can now be individually specified for each Jump slot.
  • Automatic keycode translation for each host Profile (Map / OS / Native KeyMap).
  • Translations now all performed entirely inside TextBlade hardware.
  • App now displays all Jump Profile settings on Jump config screen.
  • Extension now displays Jump Profile settings briefly on entry.


  • New control to adjust AutoSleep time. Select 30 or 60 minutes.
  • New control to enable / disable SpaceBlade Tap-Wake sensor.
  • SuperCruise power mode control (mode to be available after TREG).

Flight Recorder

  • Log formatting improvements to correct character echoes in Flight Recorder logs.
  • Display and formatting improvements for Colemak / Dvorak logs.
  • New analog level detail data logs added to key-events in Flight Recorder.


  • New NUM 10-Key pad. Dedicated chord to toggle, independent of SpaceBlade.
  • New EDIT Cursor Lock. Dedicated chord to toggle, independent of Edit chord.
  • Now supports ModKeys and shifts on numbers and cursor keys.
  • Supports one-handed numeric entry and cursor navigation.
  • Further convenience features and access will be added on this foundation.
  • Additional keys (page up/dn …) will be added in a subsequent OTA.


  • New Symbol mode timing intelligence to prevent falsing on rollover events.
  • Adjustable filter timing slider for user preferences. (See SpaceBlade settings).


  • Additional handshaking logic that strengthens Jumps resiliency.
  • Reboot on Macro + Home moved for safety. Will return later on protected layer.
  • Start-up sequence improvements for high immunity on power-up events.
  • Unified HID key stream for improved keyboard extension stability.


  • Prevents rare instability of caps lock state on certain jumps.
  • Prevents rare case where single key could vary if pressed repeatedly for long periods.
  • New temporal filter on Macro and Fn chords. Prevents falsing in Colemak / Dvorak.
  • Faster SpaceBlade tracking time on rapid environmental thermal shock event.
  • Smarter tracking when striking a key repeatedly for very long time intervals.
  • Symbol / Edit mode LED improvements to prevent stuck indicators.


  • Improved handshake between TextBlade / iOS Keyboard Extension for greater stability.


  • New filter on power monitor to prevent spurious Low-Battery transient on undocking.
  • Smarter LED display at startup for Low-Battery indication.
  • Improved qualify logic for entry into deep sleep battery-protect mode.
  • Improved BLE power-save management for greater efficiency with extension enabled.
  • Smoother power ramp transitions on startup and shutdown.

KeyBlade / SpaceBlade / BLE

This is the current firmware release for all 4 TextBlade CPUs. It includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and expanded integration with the TextBlade app.

Recent updates include:

  • Expanded Diagnostic Support
  • Profiles for Enhanced Shield Systems
  • Improved BLE Link Synchronization
  • Enhanced Regulator Locking Precision
  • SmartCharging Animation Updates
  • Integrated Links to TextBlade App
  • LiveLegend Display Integration

This firmware version comes pre-installed on TREG units.