Numeric Mode

The numeric mode is targeted at applications such as spreadsheets, but can be useful anytime you are likely to want to enter a lot of numbers. By default only the keys on the right-blade are assigned. It can be convenient to also assign keys on the left bladed. There will be lots of personal preferences as to how the additional keys available in Numeric mode can be used.

Here is one that is useful if you are operating the mouse with one hand and the TextBlade with a spreadsheet in the other.

Points to note are:

  • The 0 key has been put back to the key with the 0 key position in the green layer. This can be easier to remember (particularly in conjunction with the next point).
  • The numbers 1-5 are also mapped to the key positions they would have in the green layer - again an aide-memoire.
  • Common Edit keys are mapped to the XCV keys (corresponding to CTRL-X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V) in the alpha layer.
  • A Del option is mapped to the Z key.
  • A Rename (F2 in Windows) is mapped.
  • Mathematical operators */+- are mapped to similar positions on each blade
  • Some other common spreadsheet symbols are added to the left blade middle row