The Tests section of the TextBlade app provides a number of tests that can show how the hardware and firmware of the TextBlade is functioning. The tests generate logs that can allow WayTools technicians to examine low level details of how a particular Hardware/Firmware combination is performing.

The tests also provide a level of visual feedback that is likely to be of interest to users who are interested in getting some idea of the complexity of the internal workings of the TextBlade.

The Tests section of the TextBlade app is only available if specifically activated for your account. It is activated as standard for TREG testers and for general release is expected to be activated by WayTools support at a result of customers raising support requests.

Longer term it is expected that a cutdown version of these tests will be included in the final version of the TextBlade app with them re-worked to focus on aspects that will be of use to the average user rather than primarily targeted at the requirements of WayTools support staff.

The Tests available are divided into a number of categories:

  • Sense
  • Trace
  • Check
  • Time
  • Power

Sense Test


Trace Test


Check Test

This test carries out a validity check of the firmware installed on the various TextBlade components. It also shows the version numbers of the software components that are installed.


Time Test

This test produces a very detailed timing diagram of what is happening inside the TextBlade. It could be considered the software equivalent of the trace that would be produced by an oscilloscope.

This test is not something that would be of interest to the general public and can only realistically be interpreted by WayTools technicians.


Data from a connected TextBlade is collected to show power consumption since last charge.